About Us

Ignite Myanmar ("IM") exists to show the love of Christ to those in Myanmar by sharing the Gospel, rescuing and bringing hope to orphans, and giving new identity to the lost.  IM began with the simple goal of supporting evangelistic missionaries in Myanmar.  We strive to provide for the basic needs of each missionary we support: housing, food, clothing and basic supplies to conduct ministry.  The missionaries we support focus their attention on neighborhood evangelism, youth evangelism, missionary training and providing for the needs (both spiritual and material) of orphans.  We currently support 57 missionaries and 58 orphans, and have made it possible for 900+ weekly attenders to hear about Christ on an annual budget of $140,000.   We seek to serve those who have not yet put their faith in Jesus Christ primarily through missionary evangelism and providing the financial ability for our missionaries to meet the needs of those they are reaching out to with the Gospel. 

How It All Began

For the last several decades, refugees have been arriving in the United States in large numbers from Myanmar. Among the refugees, there existed a number of pastors and missionaries (often Chin) that the Myanmar government had identified as a threat and had sought to either arrest or eliminate.  One such evangelist, Ezekiel “Pum” Thang, arrived in Denver in 2012 and took a job pastoring a predominantly Chin refugee church in Aurora, CO.


While Pum was thankful for his new calling, his heart was still focused on the lost in Myanmar and his fellow evangelists who had remained in Myanmar.  They were suffering great persecution as they sought to avoid arrest and share the gospel in a predominantly Buddhist country. Pum began raising support for those missionaries and educating all who would listen about the great revival that the Holy Spirit was undertaking in Myanmar.  The Burmese people were responding to the gospel in record numbers but the evangelists bringing them the Good News were having trouble feeding their families.  There were countless orphans and widows that all too often became the victims of sex traffickers.   In 2013, IM began by supporting a single missionary as he sought to rescue orphans and run a weekly worship service out of his rented home.